Reward App


A French luxury fashion and perfume house wants to establish a loyalty platform in order to track customer behaviour and drive marketing actions, like, email marketing and interactive, engaging marketing.
ODICCI built the Reward App, a web app, specifically made for iPad to be used in store by beauty consultant and a Reward Dashboard to track all the different marketing metrics, and trigger actions.


UI/UX Designer | ODICCI
UI Design, Information Architecture,
Prototype & Testing

Team of 1 designers & 2 developers
Jan 2018 - Feb 2018


This project was delivered for a famous French luxury fashion and perfume house.

The Brief

The idea was to design and develop a web app in Angular.js to allow beauty consultant to register transactions at the point of sale; But also for the beauty consultant to easily check email activity and purchase behaviour of a specificities costumer.

Also, to be designed, was a Dashboard integrated inside the ODICCI platform. The Dashboard would have shown data from sales, like, transaction volume, transaction value and average spent per head.

The Plan

Involving the stake holders was the first step to better validate all the feature that were requested
Interviewing beauty consultant to understand their needs and their behaviour, was very important to get a better understanding of how to shape the product.


Getting everyone onboard
Even if I was designing in solo, a loyalty app with a dedicated tracking platform is not a one-man project and if you want it to succeed you need everyone on board. The more integrated you want it the more disciplines you need at the table.

Breaking things down to clients
It was very important to keep clients involved and excited about the big designing and developing process.

Bringing it all together

After Involving the stake holders to validate the features, I’ve started doing Informal Research and Brain Storming, supported by the Product Manager. This helped us to have even a clearer vision of what we were about to start developing.

Sketching and Wireframing also were fundamental at the beginning of the design process, to highlight key ideas and mark out all the ideas that wouldn’t have matched our deadlines.

Many user flows were developed and analysed in order to find the most painless and usable journey for our users.
The final user flow was highlighted and presented to our clients trough a prototype built in Marvel.

After validating the prototype with the our clients, I’ve started working on the final mockups.

The login screen

Adding a new customer

Current transaction

Purchase History

And many more... 😄


Brainstorming, careful planning, sketching, designing and developing has brought the results desired for the Reward App and Dashboard. I was proud to present the new Reward App to our clients.
Light, minimalistic, and an intuitive personalized for beauty consultant to help them achieve everything they hoped for.

Project learnings

Collaboration is key
The more eyes on a design, the more it’s exposed to varying opinions, experience, and critique — and this can only ultimately improve it. Or at the very least, test it.

Process in essential
For a project that is vast, you need a clear roadmap to navigate through what can be a foggy route. This is especially useful when you’re starting out.