Resturant - Pizza & Pasta


The Resurant Pizza & Pasta is a made up resturant that want to enter the world of food delivery by developing an app that allows users to oderder from the resurant and get the food delivered to their door.


Personal Exercise


Personal Project/Exercise

The Problem

In this design exercise, I wanted to tackle a common problem that afflicts the top delivery app on the market.


When ordering from those apps I would like to have a clear view of the food I’m ordering; also pictures makes me empathise with the dish itself, leading to a higher chance of purchase.

I usually find my self frustrated when ordering from the common delivery app because of the lack of pictures; I think every menù should have pictures of the food that is served.


I wanted to design an app that “shows” rather than “telling”.

To do so I’ve designed a series of components that I could reuse trough out the app, those components allowed me to easily test different UI layouts.

Components are made to give big space to pictures, and essential details about the product.

Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation

In the inspiration phase, I have used Dribble and Pinterest to collect ideas and screenshots.

In the ideation phase, I first started with hand sketches on paper to have a clearer vision and better highlight winning ideas.
After, I started to create components in sketch and started to test different layouts, creating wireframes.

Translating the wireframes into mockups was easy thanks to the use of components.

Some other screens:

I've also built a prototype in Marvel:

Project learnings

Creating components speeds up the prototyping process a lot and this project made me understand one more time that I should stick to this strategy in the future, creating small responsive components in the wireframing phase helps me to validate better layouts.